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What is MOW.fm?

MOW.fm is a unique multimedia platform, where you are not only a user of social network, it's a place where you are the creater of your own world of fun! Do you like music? Create FM-page of your favourite band and become their official FM-producer! Or you like sports more? Create your own blog here! Is dancing your passion? Share it with the world! Create your own world of fun, fill it with unique content, make money on what you really like! Have fun and enjoy your life with MOW.fm!

What is Energize?

It's a system for users, your fans and friends to support you by donating money with their credit cards or collected M-energy.

How does it work?

When you register on MOW.fm, you become a part of its unstoppable growth. Here you can create right after the registration: add photos, share favourite videos, make posts in your blog, chat with friends, make unique design of your page. Every action you make increases your F-Enegry. If you feel that you can create more, you should fill out the application form to become FM-producer. And after that you will be able to create FM-pages in different categories. Just choose one you are interested in the most. Amusing FM-pages become popular very soon! And with every visitor your M-Energy increses. You can spend this M-Energy on favourite music or tickets to the concerts.

Is it free?

Registration and all your actions on MOW.fm are free. But if you would like to buy some music or tickets on concerts, then you need to have Money Energy. You could earn it or just refill by credit card.

How to create my own page?

Press the "Register" button on the main page and add profile information.

What is Fun energy?

Your activity on MOW.fm increases your F-Energy which later can be transfered into M-Energy. More about energy increasing: http://www.mow.fm/info

What is Money Energy?

Money Energy is internal currency for buying music, tickets to the concerts and other fun activities. You can increase it by FM-producing or transfering your F-Energy. You can also donate money from your credit card.

How can I increase my energy?

Activity on MOW.fm always increases your energy.

What are levels and ranks?

More energy brings new levels and rangs for you. Full ladder you can find here: http://www.mow.fm/info

What is FM-page?

FM-page is a created by you part of thematic seccion, which you renew all the time and promote. Such page will bring you Fun&Money energy.

How to create FM-page?

Only FM-producers can create FM-pages on MOW.fm, because updating pages is important and responsible process.

How to become FM-producer?

To become FM-producer you need to fill out the application form here: http://www.mow.fm/producer/request As FM-producer you can create FM-pages of famous people, music bands, companies, interesting places, favorite writers or painters... Anything that might come to your mind. You should be responsable in leading your pages and always renew information.

How to earn more Money Energy with my FM-page?

Your FM-page will increase your Money Energy, if it becomes popular and one of the top. The key to success is interesting unique content (photos, videos, FM waves, articles, etc.) and invitation of your friends, fellows and other users of MOW.fm who could be interested in your FM-page.

What is the difference between official and fan FM-pages?

Official FM-page is confirmed by the music band (artist, company, place, etc) - the one and only official source of true information. Your FM-page can become official as well, if it is popular and true.

What should I do if someone's created FM-page, which I want to create?

If similar page already exists, remember that you can create something better and brighter. Also, by agreement, there is a possibility of producing one FM-page together.

Can I create FM-page in language which anyone used here before?

You are free to do that if your language level allows you.

How can I buy music on MOW.fm?

To buy music on MOW.fm we use M-energy. If you don't have it or it's not enough, you should: 1. Register or log in. 2. Click on the green icon of M-energy. 3. Then follow the PayPal tips to transfer money from your credit card. 4. After refilling M-energy, go to the music selling page. 5. Buy track/album for your M-energy.

How can I sell my own music here?

If you want to sell your own music on MOW.fm, send us e-mail on music@mow.fm.