is your web 3.0 world, where you can realize your energy! You aren’t just a user here, You’re Fun & Money Producer.


around the platform and earn F Energy for all your activity here!


just for your activity and projects. Spend M energy on music, books, tickets on the concerts or for Energize favourite bands, artists, projects, etc.


because it’s beautiful;)

We know for sure that everyone is creative, so is your tool to produce creativity, love, happiness and fun in this eternal virtual reality we live in and call it “our life on Earth” :)

Being a FM producer

means to create new FM pages about creative projects, famous people, places, companies or anything else that might come to your mind and you want to share it with the world. Those pages will bring more Fun & Money Energy to you.

If you want to sell your own music or books, there’s no easier and better place for that than, because all what you need to do is:

1. Register
2. Create your FM page, where you’ll sell your works
3. Write an e-mail on for making your FM page an Official one and more details about selling here.

Benefits of selling your music or books on

  • + you save all rights on yours media files: music, videos, images, texts, etc. used on official FM page;
  • + you can upload, edit or delete media files at any time;
  • + you establish own prices on media content, and can change it any time;
  • + doesn’t influence yours activity on your Official FM page;
  • + you have clear sales statistics and visitors data on your FM page;
  • + no huge % for using platform;
  • + our content-managers can help you if you don’t want to upload and refresh content all the time;